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Silica Sand Extraction in Southern Manitoba

Sample Letters

Following are some letters that we’ve written to local representatives that can be used as templates. Feel free to download them, edit, and mail or email to whoever you see fit.

Note: Federal MPs may say this is out of their jurisdiction. We feel that, as our representatives in Ottawa, and as our neighbours, they should be just as concerned about a flawed environmental assessment process that puts our aquifers and surface waters at risk of contamination by heavy metals and acids.

On an important, related issue, the government has declined to fund participation at the environmental reviews. There is allowance to do so in government policy and, in fact, to have it borne by the project, rather than taxpayers. By refusing to utilize these policies the government is, essentially, silencing opposition. The third letter here seeks to address this issue.

MP and Minister Contact Information (links to official websites):

We’d Really Like to Have Your Help!

Activism and Volunteerism are important parts of Green philosophy. There are so many ways to get involved! Every individual can help us promote and enrich Green values throughout our communities and nation. Environmentalism, Social Justice, Electoral Reform, and Responsible and Responsive Economies offer opportunities for Green members and supporters to speak up and act.

We can use all sorts of skills and interests to help! Please let us know if you’re interested in helping out in any way.


  • Letter Writing Campaigns.
  • Protests and Demonstrations.
  • Cleanup Projects of ditches, streams, and lakes.
  • Authoring Blogs about Current Events.
  • Keeping our Social Media Active.
  • Increasing Visibility at Public Events.