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There has been considerable debate about Carbon Pricing, aka The Carbon Tax, across our political spectrum this summer. Since the Liberals introduced the unfortunately named Carbon Tax, we’ve heard from various sources how it does no good, or that it is “just a tax grab.”

Unfortunately named because Carbon “Tax” doesn’t tell the whole story. It is, in fact, a “Fee and Dividend” system that returns most of the funds to the public. It is a distribution that puts money into the pocket of low carbon users and encourages less carbon output.

Perhaps it wasn’t implemented perfectly but a Fee and Dividend system is, in fact, Green Party policy. It makes sense to encourage people to reduce carbon emissions. It make sense to make the price of carbon reflect the short term and long term costs of burning oil. We must take action to reduce the long term damage.

The Conservative Party of Canda and our own Ted Falk happily repeat the “tax grab” mantra without offering any viable alternatives. While they are starting to admit that Climate Change is a problem they don’t believe that Fee and Dividend is a useful tool. Unfortunately, they haven’t presented any kind of effective alternative. They have suggested regulations, fines, and, we can only assume, a costly system of inspections.

The World Bank says…

The CPC continues to insist that the Carbon Tax will hurt the economy. Quite the contrary says this report from the World Bank.

In fact, they say,

“a notable positive outcome of carbon pricing is that it can generate significant funds that can be used to pay for transition-assistance programs” like technology investment and worker transition.

“There is little evidence to date that carbon pricing has resulted in the relocation of the production of goods and services or investment in these products to other countries,”

“The investment opportunities that arise from decarbonization are considerable, as is the potential for the development of new industries and innovation within existing ones.”

This is probably the single most important issue that faces us in this election. We won’t get another chance for four years to change the electoral outcome. With growing concern about climate change and environmental degradation, we don’t have time to elect roadblocks to progress.

Let’s send MPs to Ottawa who understand the importance of acting with courage and conviction. And ones who are prepared to work together to solve this increasingly urgent problem.

2 thoughts on “Carbon Pricing News

  1. Thanks Janine but I can’t claim credit. The terminology is straight out of Vision Green.

    It is one of the reasons I think this was poorly implemented by the Liberals; they didn’t articulately sell the idea. Perhaps, like with electoral reform and UNDRIP their heart isn’t fully in it.

  2. Fee and Dividend is a much more accurate way to frame this polluter pays approach Blair. Thanks for the reframing!

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