Carbon Tax “Relief” Fund – a Challenge

Photo image of the cheque and cheque stub for $225 for the Manitoba Carbon Tax Relief Fund accompanied with a donation receipt for $230.37 to the Manitoba Eco Network.

As I explored a few weeks ago, Manitoba’s Conservative government are sending us all cheques under the guise of a Carbon Tax Relief Fund. I got my cheque last last week.

Just to refresh memories: Heather Stefanson would have us all buy into the idea that the inflation we are now all facing is because of the Federal Carbon Tax.

It seems that in pandering to the F*ck Trudeau movement, Stefanson has glossed over a whole bunch of important realities:

  • The majority of Manitobans likely receive more money back in the Carbon rebate.
  • A bloody and destructive war in the Ukraine that has disrupted food supplies from both Ukraine and Russia and affected people around the world.
  • Massive corporate profit taking including billions by oil and gas industries.
  • The realities of post-COVID supply chain issues still affecting markets around the world.

Meanwhile, this government has no answers to climate crises – droughts, forest fires, floods, land degradation, invasive species. This government has done little to save Lake Winnipeg. They’ve been working to get a silica sand extraction projects going in the Vivian area and in Wanipigow that threaten long term damage to water aquifers and people’s health. They have no planned replacement for the carbon tax – the only current viable method of encouraging people to reduce carbon consumption.

Yet, here they are, asking us to accept a cheque that is predicated on a lie. A lie that, facing a growing climate crisis, is going to become increasingly costly over the coming years.

I won’t let them buy my agreement to their lie and have chosen to donate my refund to a local Manitoba enviornmental charity.

How about you?

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