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You donation to the Green Party helps keep the discussion about Green values in the public eye and the more we can do that, the more we can influence political thinking across this country. A donation is a great place to start contributing to the discussion.

Did You Know?

Donations to the political party of your choice are tax deductible at 75% on the first $400? In other words, when you donate $50, it only costs you $12.50 after taxes. That’s a pretty inexpensive way to send a message about your values and contribute to a cause you believe in.

Why it is Even More Important to Donate in 2015

Up until 2011, there has been a per-vote subsidy provided to all political parties based on votes in the previous election. This was particularly important to smaller parties. Unfortunately, the subsidy has been withdrawn which means that it is even harder for messages about positive change to the status quo to get out. Donations from individuals are the only source of funding available for this important work.

Donation Options

  • Use the links on the right to donate directly to the Green Party Provencher Riding Association. This will help us run the campaign in the local riding. This includes things like keeping our website running and hosting events. While we try to not produce too much paper and signage, we do require some to mount a reasonable campaign and we need funds to do so.
  • To donate directly to the Green Party of Canada to support their promotion of the ideals of the Green Party, click here.
  • To become a member of the Green Party of Canada, click here.
  • You can also donate to the Green Provencher Riding¬†Association from the Green Party of Canada website by clicking here. The Green Party will keep a small portion of your donation for general Green Party use and will forward the rest to the Provencher association.


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