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Your donation to the Green Party helps promote Green values. It helps us spread the message, inform voters and, more importantly, influence policy-makers across the country. A donation is a great place to start contributing to the discussion.

In the Provencher riding, specifically, your donation will help us keep the website running, renting rooms for events, and funding a candidate. Although we try to run a low-waste campaign, there are hard costs in running an electoral district association and a campaign.

Did You Know?

Donations to the political party of your choice are tax deductible at 75% on the first $400? In other words, when you donate $50, it only costs you $12.50 after taxes. That’s a pretty inexpensive way to contribute to a cause that represents your values.

Why it is Even More Important to Donate

Prior to the 2015 election, there was a per-vote subsidy provided to all political parties based on votes in the previous election. This was a really great way to increase participation in Canadian democracy. Unfortunately, the subsidy was canceled by the Conservative government in 2015. It means that large parties that can mount expensive donation campaigns have even more power.


Any donation greater than $10 per year directly to the Provencher Riding Association or to the Green Party of Canada automatically confers a membership in the Green Party of Canada. This membership allows you to participate directly in grass-roots driven policy development.

Donation Options

  • Use the links here to donate directly to the Green Party Provencher Riding Association. You can donate either with a monthly subscription or, if you prefer, make a one time donation.

Monthly donation (after tax/yr):

One time donation

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