I am pleased to affirm support for Janine Gibson standing as candidate for the Green Party Provencher Riding in the 2021 federal election.  

Janine’s longterm commitment to the wellbeing, protection and betterment of the Provencher community has been well demonstrated through her proactive as well as responsive action addressing land drainage, water quality and other environmental and health issues.  She has advanced concerns effectively, drawing on sound knowledge of the community and political processes.     

Similarly, Janine’s professional education in Human Ecology and Family Studies/Home Economics, and her career developing the quality and capacity of the organic food system in Canada, exemplify her insightful analysis, abilities in strategic planning and initiative in undertaking positive action toward longterm development.  

She also has found ways to put the social values of building community and respectful governance into action, in her many years living as a founding and leading member of the Northern Sun Co-op, within the RM of Hanover and the Riding of Provencher in Manitoba. 

Engaging others easily with her positive, respectful and collaborative attitude, Janine Gibson is well suited to carry forward the spirit and work of Green in the Riding of Provencher.

Patricia Allen, Sarto

We all know that if we, as a people, are going to respond the climate/resource crisis in any significant, meaningful way, it will require both responsible living at the personal level, as well as EFFECTIVE policy that encourages responsible living. Janine has both, demonstrated responsible living at a personal level as well as advocated for responsible policy for a long time. There is no doubt that she will continue to do this as a Green Party candidate, and should she be elected, as the representative for the people of Provencher.

Eric Rempel, Steinbach

Janine is (and has long been) a visionary. She feels deeply for her neighbours. We’ve worked together to stimulate and grow the local organic food network of Manitoba. She is comfortable in any setting, speaking her mind and listening with heart. She’s young, she’s old. Her energy, her passions are timeless. You and I deserve such an intelligent, dedicated leader. Blessings as we make this election count.

David Neufeld, Boissevain

 I have known Janine for almost forty years. We met for the first time at the community co-op where she lives- a co-op off the grid to which she has dedicated  time and generosity to keep it well and alive.
 Janine is knowledgeable in regards to everything environmental – locally first and globally- and she has worked and fought continuously to create awareness and to mobilize people in all these important causes. Janine is passionate about those causes yet she is the first to de-escalate with tempered observation and respect for others. She is never defeated in the face of adversity -calm and balance characterize her opinions and ideas and show her strength, She is articulate in expressing her views.

I will vote for her.

Gerard Dube, La Broquerie