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Janine Gibson

Janine Gibson is an agricultural consultant with 26 years’ experience in promoting more resilient solutions to operations management. She studied psychology and English at the University of Winnipeg and human ecology at the University of Manitoba. She is the owner/operator of Creative Health Consulting.

Since 1997, Janine has gained valuable experience writing and updating the Canadian Organic Standards as a member of the Canadian General Standards Board Organic Agriculture Technical Committee. She now represents the Manitoba Organic Alliance, which she co-chairs. She is a founding member of the Organic Food Council of Manitoba and current Executive Secretary and past president of Canadian Organic Growers, her favourite registered charity.

As the Green Party of Canada’s Provencher candidate, Janine plans to use her experience to bring important perspectives on resilience to government discussions and policies, both locally and nationally. She is passionate about using resources wisely and being truly conservative in that regard. She believes that the wise use of resources can be applied to building teams capable of addressing current challenges today, without borrowing from our children’s futures.

Having travelled widely as a consultant, Janine has seen the many benefits of the resilient use of resources to strengthen communities, as well as the severe consequences of resource depletion. This inspires her to work diligently in educating her fellow citizens about how choices impact both our quality of life and our environmental footprint. In listening to the concerns expressed about economic barriers that challenge healthier choices, Janine has confidence Green Vision policies will inspire local employment and redistribute wealth fairly.   

Janine is a singer and performer, inspired by her musical family history to bring people together in the harmony of music. She strives to live simply, in support of social and environmental justice, on her solar- and wind-powered home near Pansy. She looks forward to working on behalf of all her constituents to build policies that are not left or right, but forward!

From the Blog

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    News Release The Green Party Provencher Electoral District Association is pleased to announce that Janine Gibson will stand as the Green Party candidate for the 2019 Federal Election. The Elections Act requires that there be a federal election before October 21, 2019. Janine has a great depth of experience in both political service and political action. She has ...

6 thoughts on “Think Green Vote Janine 2019

  1. Janine,
    So happy to see this. Thank you for putting yourself forward as a Green candidate!

    1. Thank you so much Lamar! I love working to support solutions!
      I had a great time canvassing with Paul Manly a bit this spring in Nanimo LadySmith. Was so glad he won! I want to help them out those two, he and E.M.!

  2. Congrats, and best wishes Janine on standing as the Provencher Green Party candidate for the Federal 2019 Election….
    Donna Rose.

    1. Hi Ryan, thanks for your support! This page is for the federal Green riding of Provencher. I suspect the signs you are seeing right now are for the provincial election. If you’d like a sign supporting Janine for the upcoming federal election, we’d be more than happy to put you on our list. I believe Niverville is still in the Morris Electoral District Provincially but it may now be in Sandilands (it will be as of 2020 but I think because this election was called early, that change is not in effect). A quick look at the Green Party of Manitoba Candidates page currently shows no Green candidate in either riding. Again, if you’d be interested in getting involved in this growing grassroots organization, they would be thrilled to hear from you; we need volunteers all over the place to get the Green message out.

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