Nomination Contestants

There are two Green Party members from Provencher seeking your nomination for candidate for the 2015 election:

Janine Gibson

Janine Gibson has been a social justice and environmental activist for over 30 years, and has worked as an independent business owner/organic inspector since 1993.  She is one of the three founding members of the Organic Food Council of Manitoba, the local chapter of the registered agricultural charity Canadian Organic Growers.  She is past national president of Canadian Organic Growers and current Executive Secretary on the national board, and has worked toward the adoption  and implementation of a national organic standard for Canada as a voting member of the Organic Technical Committee, Convenor of the Livestock Permitted Substance List Working Group and as a consultant with the Organic Federation of Canada on the Standards Interpretation Committee.

Janine lives in and helped found a solar and wind-powered village, Northern Sun Farm Cooperative, located between Sarto and Pansy. A mother and grandmother, Janine has been active locally on drainage and nutrient management issues, striving to preserve the marsh around Joubert Creek to aid in both biodiversity and water quality in the Southeast. Janine was awarded the Manitoba Eco-Network “Protecting Our Earth” Award in 1997 in recognition of her efforts. She attended the University of Winnipeg studying Psychology and English and the University of Manitoba studying Human Ecology. Her writing work has been published in many periodicals and in the Organic Field Crop Handbook published by COG. She serves as the Executive Secretary of the Manitoba Organic Alliance and for the Manitoba Composting Association in the same role.
Janine continues to be invited as a speaker at organic events across North America, next serving as host at the upcoming 2015 Canadian Organic Grower Toronto conference, celebrating 40 years of COG assisting farmers and eaters in understanding the values and methods of organic agriculture. A friend aptly described Janine’s “Life in a Limerick”:

There once was a girl named Janine
Who was frequently heard and seen!
She was musically inclined
and politically defined-
by her favourite colour,
which was green!
B. Inglis

Jeff Wheeldon

Jeff Wheeldon believes deeply in democracy and its power to bring out the best in people as they work together to create a better world. His wide range of experience and specific interests make him an ideal candidate to represent the people of Provencher in the House of Commons and engage them in the governance of Canada.

Jeff was born and raised in rural BC, and went to college in the lower mainland where he gained valuable experience working with the homeless on Vancouver’s downtown East Side. He spent some time working in Fort McMurray and experiencing the boomtown atmosphere and massive scale of industry, which instilled in him both an awe of what people can do when they work together and a desire to steer that capacity in healthier directions. After college he spent a year living in downtown Toronto, before moving to downtown Otterburne. Throughout that time he’s worked in the service industry, retail, trades, transport, and finally in academics: he now works as the Registrar of Providence University College and Seminary, where he earned his Master of Arts (Theological Studies) in 2013. His life experience allows him to relate to both rural and urban life and perspectives, and connect with people in all lines of work and walks of life.

Jeff’s training is primarily in Theology, but his areas of interest focus on ethics and political theology, and he reads widely in economics, sociology, ecology, and political thought. He guest lectures occasionally in theology classes at Providence, and annually on Food Justice and Globalization in a sociology class. He has given presentations on food systems, social justice, and the portrayal of religion in video games and comic books, among others. His work as Registrar involves writing and keeping policy, and serving on committees, boards, and Providence’s institutional Senate; he has discovered a deep love for analyzing and writing policy as a way of improving lives. He lives in Otterburne with his wife Andrea and his son Sam.

The nomination meeting will be held on Saturday, January 31st 2015 at 2:00 p.m. at the Jake Epp Library in Steinbach. For more information about the meeting, visit the event page.

3 thoughts on “Nomination Contestants

  1. Glad to see this invitation- thanks Jeff & team! Hoping to see those who share Elizabeth May’s vision of responsible, bridge building democracy and respect for our environment, out to attend! Happy New Year All!

  2. So sorry I missed this. My email is so flooded with calls for donations and petitions, I did not see this until just now. But you have my support.

    1. I know the feeling Lydia – political mail piles up quickly. Our riding association emails are generally limited to announcements about events for that very reason, so if you see one from The Green Party Provencher Riding Association, don’t pass it over!

      Thanks for your support!

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