Green Party Policy

Comprehensive, Accessible, Dynamic

This may surprise many Canadians, but the Green Party is far more than a one-issue, grassroots environmental movement. The idea of sustainability applies to not only clean air and clear water but also economics, social policy, democracy, and international policy.

The Vision Green policy document is available at any time to download from the Green Party website. Unlike other major parties, who revamp their platform for every election, the Green Party platform is a persistent, living document. Green Party policies are designed not to beat the other parties or address the current popular issue but to offer real solutions for real issues in a constructive and meaningful way.

As a living document, Vision Green is constantly being debated, revised, and updated to move with the times. Participation in this process is open to all party members, who vote on changes both at conventions and online.

Smart Economics

Green Party economic policies are a based on practical, sustainable principles. You may be surprised to learn that Canada’s Green Party is more fiscally conservative than traditional right wing parties. Being fiscally conservative means not only sustainability but also job creation and a diversified economy.

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Sustainable Social Policy

Vision Green is all about people. The principles of economic stewardship, healthy environmental standards, and a sustainable social policy are all about giving people in Canada and around the world better lives. Vision Green covers a wide range of issues, from reducing poverty to improving healthcare to a fair justice system to providing jobs for youth. You may be surprised to learn that Canada’s Green Party is just as concerned about healthcare, jobs, and education as most of our left-leaning parties.

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Leading the World

Canada is a small country, but we have a tremendous track record in terms of leading the world by example in how to be an open, equal, caring society. Many in the world rely on our generosity, our openness, and our willingness to engage with others in constructive compromise. Green Party policy reflects our belief that Canada can be a strong partner in working with other nations to meet the challenges of a complex world.

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Sustainable Democracy

It is no secret that people are disenchanted with Canada’s democracy. Governments with the majority of seats are elected with nowhere near a majority of the popular vote. The results are damaging. A fed-up electorate gives up voting entirely or resorts to the “least bad” choice on the ballet.  Politicians are forced to sacrifice their values in the interest of winning their seat. Vision Green wants to see a positive and constructive government put there by an interested and engaged electorate.

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The Environment

Here’s the most basic truth: if the environment fails, we all fail. We are utterly dependent on planet Earth to keep us alive. If we can’t take care of our home, we cannot hope to survive. Vision Green seeks to preserve our life support system without disastrous economic results. Not taking strong action now to solve the environmental problems before us will have unpredictable and unprecedented impacts on our economies, our societies, and our survival.

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