Q&A with Janine: a concerned voter.

Janine responded to a recent letter from a Provencher voter:

Thank you for your activism.  Happy to respond to the concerns you list, which we both share.
The slogan chosen for this 2021 campaign in Provencher is “Be Active. Be Kind! ” because we are seeing the need for immediate action given the  unprecedented impacts of the environmental crises  hurting our communities. All the parties are finally addressing the environmental actions we Greens have long championed. We also call for kindness in how we educate and interact with one another. We need to leave partisanship behind and build coalitions for change.
Now is the time to take meaningful action and ensure a STRONG GREEN voice is heard in Ottawa for the future  we want for our families, for our communities and for our planet. It is activism such as yours and Tim’s and mine that creates  constructive change.
I agree we have unique opportunities to re-imagine our communities, economy, and leadership in ways that address the connected issues of public health, climate change, Indigenous rights, wildlife loss, equity, workers rights, environmental racism, and climate justice.

Yes we all need to be part of the solutions to protect our communities and the health of our planet, which already exist.

I have long called for the First Nations treaties to be respected and I support the  the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples;

• I will work to ensure that climate and environmental justice are  priorities through a green and just pandemic recovery;

• I recognize the right to a healthy environment and will continue to take action on environmental justice and racism while improving laws that protect people and nature from toxins and plastic pollution;

• I will work to reverses nature loss by protecting and effectively managing at least 30% of land and freshwater and 30% of ocean by 2030, and increasing investments in nature-based climate solutions;

• I will invest in Indigenous-led land-use planning, the establishment of Indigenous Protected and Conserved Areas and their stewardship by Indigenous Guardians, and Indigenous-led efforts to restore and steward species-at-risk and habitat; and recognizes and respects Indigenous knowledge in all aspects of nature conservation in Canada;

• I will work to Stop expanding and subsidizing fossil fuels and nuclear energy, and reduce Canada’s carbon emissions by 60% by 2030 to do our fair share globally;

• I will work to ensure a rapid phase-out of fossil fuel use, with a plan that supports workers, communities, and marginalized groups in the just and fair transition to a sustainable economy.

Thank you for your continued support!

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