Q&A with Janine: Nursing


Thank you for your activism Trevor, and your service as a nurse!

     Green policies support training more nurses and health care providers to end the critical nursing shortage and fix the long-term care crisis.

We do need to rebuild and recover in a healthier way–filling the cracks in our health care system, as your letter points out.
     Green policies support:
– Federal funding to hire more nurses in the provinces and territories;
– A national health workforce agency to assist with decisions to hire appropriate and sufficient health care workers across the country, through enhanced data infrastructure and analysis;
– A federal worker safety research agency with the authority to make decisions on guidelines, policies and strategies to keep health workers and patients safe.
– A national moratorium on reducing nursing hours in any sector of health care; 

Canada CAN have  a world-class health and patient care system ensuring everyone can get the medications they need through universal pharmacare.

Think Green, Vote Janine!

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