Silica Sand from Seymourville

From the Manitoba Greens

“Canadian Premium Sand Inc. has officially submitted their proposal for a license to approve the Wanipigow Sand Extraction Project. This project, which is planned to take place in the community of Seymourville near Lake Winnipeg, has received public concern due to the fact that the silica sand extracted in this project will be used for fracking both in Canada and the United States. The Green Party of Manitoba stands against the development of infrastructure that will continue to expand the oil sector. The application is open for public comments until February 12th, 2019. This is your opportunity to voice your concerns about how this project will impact Manitoba’s future. “

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There are considerable concerns raised by this venture, both locally, and on a wider scale.

  • Prolonged exposure to silica sand dust can lead to silicosis and cancer.
  • There are health concerns for nearby residents. Exposure to dust can lead to numerous auto-immune diseases such as lupus, scleroderma, hyperthyroidism etc.
  • The mining operation can have a considerable impact on ground water quality. Consider the proximity to Lake Winnipeg; an already endangered body of water and an important source of food.
  • There will be a considerable increase in traffic on nearby highways as the sand is hauled to Winnipeg for train transport.
  • Have First Nations in the region been appropriately consulted with in regards to land use, impact on people, food supply, and water?
  • From a wider perspective, we should not be investing in growth of oil extraction industries. Investing in fracking moves us further away from meeting carbon reduction goals and increases risks of ground water contamination, soil contamination, and earthquakes across North America.

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