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We believe democracy needs to be participatory to work, so we get involved and invite you to join us.

 Consider voting Green in this 2021 election. We find ourselves in another year of drought followed by wet conditions when not needed, at harvest! Extreme weather events are increasing, and we must catch up by taking local and national action on climate change now to prevent greater extremes.

Protecting soil quality by always having a living root in the soil is becoming essential to farming! I will continue to support our food producers in using regenerative organic techniques so soil can hold moisture longer, supporting crop production. Chemical fertilizers are huge GHG emitters, we need to be supporting greater transition to composting manure for fertilizer, using electric equipment and creating green jobs in addressing our communities needs. We need to be paying folks to plant trees and for not bulldozing marsh forest for manure spread acres! We lost 80 acres of forest immediately east of our farm. It has been heartbreaking to see the dislocated wildlife and hear the haunting caws from the crows covering the piled rows of dead trees.

As your Green Party MP, I would be ensuring the federal and provincial governments would be insisting that CanWhite Sands and extractive industries such as theirs (Peat mining, peat production, quarries) include GHG Analyses, Clean Environment Commission Hearings and Environmental Impact Assessments for all new development to ensure our non-renewable resources are protected.  Aquifers are sacred and can not be mined! There is no cleaning an aquiver after it is contaminated in any way. We can be more creative in finding ways to profit from renewable resources.

 I have been working on your behalf as a volunteer with Our Line in the Sand to educate as many Provencher citizens as possible on the need to say NO to Can White Sands Mining in our aquifers!

We have a dedicated groups of citizen scientists pointing out the oversights in what CanWhite Sands has included in their incomplete proposals, minimizing all impacts on the Vivian and Anola communities, the Brokenhead watershed, actually all of Provencher and Lake Winnipeg!

CWS are saying all the right things about being responsible neighbours in their public events, but quite frankly they have not earned my trust in their lack of respect for our legitimate concerns. Our questions go unanswered and avoided.  Instead, they belittle us and accuse us of spreading misinformation.

 I see the need for much closer analysis of all possible impacts on our source of drinking water. I ask you to join us in writing to Minister Sarah Guillemard with our request she please act for the public good! Join us a creating a strong Green voice for Provencher. Think Green, Vote Janine!

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