Hanover AG Fair

Galaxie 500

On August 17th five young Green Team members carried our Green banner at the Hannover Ag Fair parade. They were busy handing out 1400 Seed Saver envelopes to a welcoming crowd of young families and elders.

Janine waving from Galaxie 500

Janine was riding in a 1965 Galaxie 500 that was kindly donated for the event. The Galaxie is quite a contrast to the Tesla we’ve had at other events. While not at all green, the old Ford is a great testament to the golden age of the American automobile. We wonder what the golden age of EV’s will be like? We are only at the beginning of that journey. The Tesla is a remarkable piece of engineering and we’re looking forward to seeing what will come as we invest in low emission technology.

Tesla with Green Banner
Janine riding in the Tesla.

Carrying the Green banner and leading the way in the parade were Dave Graham and Keisha Chief. Pat Allen was driving with Janine GIbson waving from the Galaxie. Gabrielle Savard Nadeau, Kaitlyn Friesen, and Noble Savage handed out Seed Saver envelopes with our Green message of Not left, Not Right, Forward!

Thanks, Hanover AG Fair for having us join you!

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